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Striped/Patterned Binding Tapes

Striped and patterned binding tapes are proving very popular for modern stair runners and rugs. The boldness and uniqueness of the tapes help you border your project perfectly, brightening up any carpets!

All of these tapes have their own distinctive pattern and style allowing you to make your rug design truly creative and unique!

Our Patterned tape doesn't add any width to your rug or runner, it is folded over the edge of your carpet and professionally hand stitched into the carpet. Approximately 55mm is visible on the top of your carpet once finished but we can make this wider or narrower if you request us to.

Maximum of 5 samples per order please
If you check out more than 5 samples, we will only post your first requested 5 samples.

striped patterned binding tape
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