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Easypiping DIY Edging

Introducing the Easypiping Rope edging DIY, the perfect solution for those looking to add a professional finish to their carpets and rugs. With its easy-to-use design, this edging DIY is perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike. The rope edging provides a stylish and durable finish to any carpet or rug, and can be easily cut to the desired length. The Easypiping Rope edging DIY is available in a range of colors to perfectly match your carpet or rug, giving a seamless and polished result. Upgrade your carpets and rugs with the Easypiping Rope edging DIY today.

We recommend you request a sample of Easypiping or Easybind edging before purchasing, to ensure you're satisfied with the colour as many screens do not display true colour representation.

Price is Per Metre / FREE delivery on orders over £75

For a Tutorial Showing how to Apply Easypiping...

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