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Have you always wanted a stair runner but never known where to start? Follow our step by step guide:

  1. Research local carpet suppliers and fitters in your area

  2. If you have a style or look in mind, have some pictures ready to show your carpet supplier. If you are completely open to suggestions, your carpet shop will show you of of the amazing styles of carpet available to you. Make sure at this point you tell your carpet shop/supplier that you want a stair runner not fully fitted stair carpet.

  3. Once you have chosen the perfect carpet for your runner and you are waiting for your fitter to come and cut it to fit your stairs, now is the perfect time to research the edging styles and finishing touches you would like - currently the most popular edging options are:

Carpet whipping is a neat woollen yarn stitched into your carpet to stop the edges from fraying. You have the option to match the whipping perfectly to the colour of your carpet for a discreet finish or you can go as bold as you like.

Carpet binding or taping is a material that it sewen into your runner to create a border look and finish. There are lots of options with carpet taping such as colour and finish of the tape. You can usually order samples of carpet tapes so you can choose the best option for you and your home. The finished look will often show around 5cm of tape on down each side of your runner, but you can opt for a slightly narrower or wider finish.

  1. Inform your carpet supplier/shop of the style of edging you require for your stair runner and if they are not aware of us, point them in our direction. Fancy a bit of bling? Why not look at accessorising your runner with stair rods - a decorative metal bar used to hold carpeting in place on steps.

  2. Once your carpet fitter has cut your carpet to fit the shape of your staircase, your carpet will then be sent off for edging, which should take around a week to complete.

  3. Your carpet fitter will arrange a date with you to come and install your beautiful newly edged stair runner. It's as simple as that!

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